Choice of Colors

Antique Danish Oil

Exclusive 3-in-1 product from JLOuellette

3-in-1 Finishing System that conditions, stains and finishes at the same time.
(Composed of 40% polyurethane)

JLO Antique Danish Oil is recommended for all interior (smooth) wood surfaces.

It provides a beautiful hand-rubber finish while protecting against spills and stains.

Antique Danish Oil can be used as a touch-up for scratches and to restore tired, old finishes.

Choice of 11 basic colors:
3.78 liter can: $48.50

A fast-dry polyurethane can be applied onto bare, stained or finished wood.
Choice of finishes : Satin, Semi-gloss or Gloss
3.78 liter can : 54.95$


We offer a pre-staining service for your products.

Prices for painting and staining service: Price start to $0.60 / sq. ft.

No. of coats
1 coat
2 coats
3 coats
2 oil + 2 varnish


Huile Antique Danoise Couleur Chocolat Huile Antique Danoise Couleur Chocolat Noir


Black Chocolate

Huile Antique Danoise Couleur Chêne Foncé Huile Antique Danoise Couleur Châtaignier

Dark Oak


Huile Antique Danoise Couleur Noyer Pâle Huile Antique Danoise Couleur Noyer Moyen

Light Walnut

Medium Walnut

Huile Antique Danoise Couleur Noyer Foncé Huile Antique Danoise Couleur Pacane

Dark Walnut


Huile Antique Danoise Couleur Pacane Moyen Huile Antique Danoise Couleur Pacane Foncé

Medium Pecan

Dark Pecan

Huile Antique Danoise Naturel


Antique Danish Oil

Furniture and kitchen cabinet finishes

We offer two types of finishes (stains and paints);

  • Wax patina that provides a matte, slightly rough finish
  • Lacquer that ensures a softer, more satiny finish

Choice of colors : Wax patina and lacquer

Choice of colors : Lacquer 2*

* These colors are slightly more expensive.

Produits Perma-Chink Systems (extérieur)

JLO recommends Perma-Chink Systems for all surfaces exterior woods surfaces.

Several beautiful colors are available in the LifeUltra – 2 line,
AA water-based product with a translucent finish – Datasheet and colors.

Manufacturer warranty: 5 years
Recommended application : Every 4 to 7 years.

Prices available in store

Coverage rate per 3.78 liter can (smooth surface)
First coat  350-450 sq. ft.
Second coat  600-800 sq. ft.

1 or 2 coats of Lifeline advance, a transparent finish, can be applied to extend the life of the product.
Recommended frequency of application: 1 or 2 coats every 2 to 3 years.

We offer pre-staining services for your materials.

Prices available in store for painting and staining service

Produits Perma-Chink Systems (extérieur)